barraca - Portuguese Street Grill was born from a love of street food! There is something very special about walking the back streets of a foreign land and finding a local cook preparing their countries fare from a little street stall or hut.

Sitting down to order, you never know what you are going to get but you do know that when it’s busy, it must be good. For barraca’s owners, Christian and Sandra Vaughan, it’s these meals that they recall when someone asks, “What is the best meal you have ever had?”

Sandra was born to Portuguese parents in Johannesburg, South Africa and spent much of her childhood between Mozambique and Portugal with her mother running one of Johannesburg’s most popular Portuguese restaurants. Leaving Africa at 19, Sandra moved to Dubai and joined an international airline as a flight attendant.

Christian has worked around the world in all areas of the hospitality industry since leaving high school and has a natural love of all things food and travel. He has stopped counting the different careers he has turned his hand to but is able to bring a little of all of them to the food truck world.

They met whilst both living in Dubai and after more years of travelling the world together, they settled down in Australia and now have two amazing young sons and a blue dog named Jack.

Through their shared experiences and interests, the idea of a Portuguese Food Truck was developed as a cool way of bringing the amazing flavours of Portugal and Mozambique to the Gold Coast.

Portuguese food is all about cooking with fire and passion. It is earthy, peasant style food centred on quite simple dishes using few ingredients but with strong flavours as seen in the now famous Piri Piri Chicken.

It has always been Christian and Sandra’s dream to run a local eatery just above the high tide mark on a beach in some exotic location …. so take a bite, close your eyes and barraca - Portuguese Street Grill might just take you there.




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